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René Delbar

I am a passionate amateur photographer, living in Belgium, with a preference for documentary portraits and street photography. Occasionally I venture into other disciplines like studio portraits or architecture.

I can't remember NOT having a camera around, as both my grandfather and my father were professional photographers. I probably understood how a darkroom works before I could read or write. I also got spoiled by having professional equipment around - the start of an expensive addiction…

My professional career put me at the forefront of technical and business innovation in electronic image capture, image processing and image reproduction technology and in printing and publishing workflows. Combined with my roots, that left me with a strong fascination for all technical aspects of photography.

For 40+ years I was a Nikon (D)SLR shooter. Then, at Photokina 2010, I discovered the Fujifilm X100 and things started to change. Since 2014 I have fully transitioned to the X-universe. 

I am active in the board and management of the Belgiumdigital photo community, and as an editorial board member and regular contributor for the Belgian photo magazine Shoot.

(portrait courtesy of Rudi Leys)